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In a pickle: the problem we solve


Restaurants are presented with many confusing technology solutions that are not always their perfect fit. As they try to navigate this maze they are increasingly distracted from doing what they are great at; running their business.


Our clients stay ahead of the game, as we remain by their side to help them select and maintain their systems. Our professional staff has a proven track record of restaurant technology trend-spotting, pragmatic advice, and successful delivery.


You will work with a dedicated consultant to ensure we know your brand inside and out.  Every project starts with a discovery call and custom questionnaire so we can provide the best tailored solutions for your restaurant.


Sit back and relax. Your consultant is hard at work researching options that best fit your needs.  We attend product demos, research features, gather customer reviews and even negotiate pricing on your behalf.




We provide you with a side-by-side comparison of curated options and price quotes sourced directly from software companies. This way, you are able to bypass the pushy salesman and make an educated decision with trusted information at your fingertips.


It's your restaurant, it's your decision.  While we're happy to share insight on what system might work best for you and why, you are the one who will be working with it on a daily basis.  We are here to help guide you through the process but the final choice is, and always will be, yours.



Do you need a custom quote or  have any questions?

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