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The Anatomy of Restaurant Technology

With restaurant technology finally catching up with the times, restauranteurs face a new problem....there's an app for everything! So what do we do? If you're like most people, you pick one of the first options you can find and run with it.

As opposed to seeing each part of our business as its own entity, let's look at them as a piece of the whole. Pieces that work with each other in tandem. The key to success here is finding the integrations, finding the right combination of systems that give you a cohesive platform versus independent sets of software. An online ordering system that syncs directly into your POS, an accounting software that integrates with your point of sale and inventory systems, an analytics system that pulls in online reviews, weather, marketing and sales.

This vision of a fully integrated restaurant is no longer a far off dream in the blurry eyes of overworked managers...this could be your reality. Are you ready for it?

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