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How to Build Your Own Restaurant Delivery Service

Restaurants have had a tough go of it lately. With coronavirus restrictions preventing in-house dining for many and it being even more difficult than usual to find good help, it’s only to be expected that restaurants all over are scrambling to try to make things work. The recent coronavirus surge hasn’t helped anything either. Have you ever considered adding your own restaurant delivery service to your operations?

Determine Your Business Model

There are a couple of different routes you can go when it comes to setting up a delivery service for your restaurant. Some restaurants choose to offer in-house delivery and staff their own team of delivery drivers. Others opt to utilize third party delivery services like Uber Eats or DoorDash. There are pros and cons to both, so make sure you weigh them carefully to determine which option makes the most sense for your business.

Create an App

A delivery service needs a way to accept orders for delivery. You technically could take orders over the phone, but that’s a pretty big hassle and interrupts the normal flow of things. You could also create an option on your website that allows customers to place an order. Creating an app that they can order through can be better though. Apps can be a very user-friendly way to set up a delivery order. They can make it easier to create a delivery menu and offer order tracking. Do yourself a favor and make sure you have yours set up so that it works for both Apple and Android products. Android phones are more popular, but iPhones are not to be discounted. There are nearly two million iPhone users in the United States.

Determine Your Menu

Some things on your menu may not be suitable for delivery. If you have items that get soggy or melted if they sit for very long, you may want to keep those off the menu. Instead, include items that will hold up well for the time it will take for the food to get from your store to your customers and take steps to keep it high quality. Remember, they need to like the food they receive when it gets to them in order for your restaurant to see repeat business.

It may seem a little strange to add on another thing to manage given the current circumstances, but adding your own restaurant delivery service could be just what your restaurant needs to succeed. Once you’ve figured out how you want your service to operate and what you want to offer, you’ll need to make sure you have the staff to support it. Don’t forget to let your customers know about this new option you’re offering too!


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