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Technology Vendors COVID-19 Support Programs

At Break Bread Consulting the hospitality industry is in our DNA. 
During these times of uncertainty, we want to do all we can to make sure restaurateurs have our full support. 

We are proud to provide an ongoing list of technology vendors who are offering support to restaurants across the country during these difficult times. 
Please reach out to us with anything else that we can add to our growing list.

We are all in this together and are dedicated to your team.

Revel POS Systems

Offering relief program for impacted restaurants with reduced fees 


Elevate Training Solutions 

Offering temporary closing support



Waiving of delivery fees for restaurants



Providing 100% relief on fees and billing for 30 days 


Free use of white label direct ordering platform for delivery or curbside pick up


Upfront fee and subscription relief program in place



Hosting webinars on communication and labor management best practices during times of crisis


One Dine

Free use of their online ordering platform. Staffed up to get restaurants rolled out in 24 hours.



Free subscription to their website to help determine which tech tools are best for your restaurant

Passport Unlimited

Free marketing



Donation pages set up for hospitality workers



Discounted digital ordering platforms. Turnaround time approximately 48 hours


Goodwin Recruiting, Gecko Hospitality & EHS

Helping restaurant workers find jobs in companies that are hiring

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