Brianne Lane

"I've worked in restaurants since I was 16 years old and got my first job hostessing at a local Rock Bottom Brewery. The vibrancy and vitality in the restaurant industry had me hooked from day 1. Over the last two decades I've held every job imaginable and have found my niche in technology. I help restaurants implement new systems, optimize their current technology solutions, train their teams, and advise on upcoming projects. Too often I run into groups who've adopted systems they don't need or aren't the right fit for their service model. I firmly believe that, when applied appropriately, technology will make your life easier and not harder. With my unique background in operations, I'm able to help restaurants understand what their ultimate goals and how to implement the right tools as efficiently as possible. "


Over 20 years of experience in restaurants, technology driven, and here to maximize your success.

Break Bread Consulting was founded in 2014 by industry lifer Brianne Lane.  With the restaurant industry finally catching up with modern technology trends a new problem arose.  So many new options flooding the restaurant market on a daily basis make it incredibly difficult for restaurant owners to sort through the various point of sale systems, analytic tools, etc and find the best option for their concept.  
Break Bread acts as your dedicated IT Specialist.  We research products, attend demos, obtain price quotes and even negotiate with software companies to ensure you're getting the best possible price.


"We take the salesman out of the equation and allow you to make an educated decision without being pressured into a system that isn't right for you." -Brianne Lane

Washington D.C. United States 20002